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Since the early existence of mankind, the human person has been plagued by a struggle that never seems to go away. This concept of struggle is common to those considered great and to those considered small; the only variance lying in the focus object or objects. It is a deep-rooted battle, whose origin is as central as human DNA; implanted into our psyche before any thoughts of function or purpose have been developed. Its manifestation occurs in the form of “Nemeses” or opponents that challenge the successful execution of a mental or physical act. In short, it is a psychological attack that, at one time or another, has discouraged us all.

A commonly asked question is:
“How does this type of thing possibly affect everyone?”
We are glad you asked...

Each one of us, no matter how significant or in-significant we may seem, has at least 1 internal nemesis whose negative influences have limited levels of achievement to which we aspire. For some, a disadvantaged, socio-economical background carries with it a stigma of failure and poor self-esteem. This stigma is routinely echoed around the world through media publications that are ingested by billions. For others, an inheritance of non-achievement is the reality. Through the unfavorable actions of those who came before, many have been deemed (by others) to fail and often destined to follow in the same steps; a prognosis that can be especially devastating to the young. It is for this reason and others that more of today’s youth are delinquent and lack motivation.

Finally, for a smaller number, the opposite is just as damaging. Expectations of greatness based on a parent’s or sibling’s accomplishment are very restrictive and can inhibit an individual’s quest for “personal” excellence. In this setting, the struggle to measure-up to a level (set by others) may prevent one from reaching his/her best.

The JUMPOUT Lifestyle

We, the JUMPOUT family, believe…and it has been well-proven that excellence begins with the individual. Research the greatest, most phenomenal success stories including “rags to riches” chronicles and no matter the industry, location or language, the origin of each one will point to the excellence of individuals not conglomerates. Many organizations have begun to realize the importance of the individual person, as is evident with recent installation of onsite amenities such as fitness centers, medical offices, dining services and child daycare programs. While these are all added benefits for employee convenience and overall morale, our research indicates that the core person remains largely unchanged.

AtJUMPOUT, our perspective is different as clearly indicated by our mission statement:

“To improve ‘performance and state-of-mind’ through the removal of psychological strongholds and the advancement of an inherent desire to excel”

It is through this premise that we exist and are internally driven...ever-seeking to make a difference in the lives of individuals first, organizations second and ultimately the world.  Did you ask how? I thought so. The family of JUMPOUT INTERNATIONAL effects immeasurable growth upon the personal man by educating him/her on the “Greatest Asset” known to mankind and the keys to capitalizing on its offerings. Once emboldened and with an intimate expression of commitment, the transformation begins and the individual immediately embarks on a new journey; first strengthened within then resolved to educate and to exceed. 

This new state of existence is known as “The JUMPOUT Lifestyle”; accompanying it is an instant membership into the family and a unique kinship with others who have embraced the challenge. As such, a totally exclusive Nameplatehas been meticulously developed to publicly communicate commitment and to serve as a constant reminder of dedication. Imagine the "On-The-Spot Bonding" that occurs when 2 persons "lock" eyes, having simultaneously noticed the other’s JUMPOUT expression…POWERFUL! Its an INSTANT RUSH of adrenaline from the "He/She Gets It" realization and the strong "Kinship" that becomes apparent through the Unity of Purpose. What was a simple acknowledgment quickly transforms into an encounter of experience and triumph sharing that will boost energy levels.

Therefore, we encourage the sharing of this inquiry:  "How is your journey and How long have you been on it?"

Additionally, we promote interaction between family members "AT EVERY OPPORTUNITY" and as a body, The JUMPOUT Nation will continue to support and empower YOU.  So what are you waiting for??

The Time is Now! Right Now! The Message is Clear! Make the Pledge NOW!Your Better Future Awaits!